IP Pass-through provides a method of accessing multiple network devices behind a single IP address on a remote network. This allows you to use one router to access multiple remote devices without having to configure each device with its own dedicated IP network connection.

This guide shows how to set an IP Pass-through service on a Siretta Router so that it acts as a “Device Server” on the internet providing access to web sensors, IP cameras, PLCs, printers etc.

The following products were used to create this document:

• PC for configuring both the camera and the router
• Fixed IP SIM card

NOTE: The following router families do not support IP passthrough:

Here are the steps to access a camera using IP Pass-through.

Configure the Siretta Router for IP Passthrough

1. Insert SIM card into the Siretta Industrial Router (Example below uses a QUARTZ-W22-UMTS (EU))

2. Enter the APN details as provided by the SIM card provider (You can follow the router Quick Start Guide for more assistance with this).

3. Once the Router is connected to the mobile network you will see the connected status on the router’s web interface (GUI) as seen below.

2. Attach the camera (DCS-932L) to one LAN port of the router using the ethernet cable (Or Wifi if you have configured a wireless device).

3. Navigate to a ‘Status’ > ‘Device List’ on the router GUI

4. Locate the relevant device from the listed devices page which indicates the MAC address and local IP address

NOTE: This example uses the DCS-932L IP camera

Take note that the local IP addresses are as follows for the connected devices:
• Local PC:
• DCS-932L IP Camera:
• Siretta Router:

5. The camera and the PC are connected to the same router. This means you can use the local PC to access the router GUI directly and the camera GUI directly using the IP addresses shown above.

NOTE: You cannot access the camera from a PC on a different network using the internet until you have a fixed IP SIM card and have enabled the IP Pass-through service on the Router.

6. Navigate to ‘Advanced Network’ > ‘IP Passthrough’ tab on the router GUI.

7. Check the enabled option

8. Enter the MAC address of the device you wish to access over the internet

NOTE: This example uses the MAC address of the DCS-932L IP Camera which is ’28:10:7B:24:B8:E7′

9. Enter the local IP address of the router.

10. Click ‘save’ and wait for the router to restart.

11. Navigate to a ‘Status’ > ‘Device List’ on the router GUI

12. Check the MAC addresses against the IP addresses and you will notice that the DCS-932L IP Camera MAC address is now mapped to the SIM card’s private IP address ‘’

NOTE: The SIM card public IP address provided by the ISP is ‘’ which is directly mapped to the private IP address ‘’ of the Router.

13. The IP Passthrough setup is now complete on the Router.

14. You can now access the DCS-932L IP Camera by typing the public fixed IP address of the SIM card used in the Router as shown below.

NOTE: You will need to get the APN details to enable your fixed public IP address from your SIM card provider.

NOTE: This process applies to all of the Siretta Routers and can be used for setting up any network device on your Router and not just the DCS-932L IP Camera as we provided as an example.

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