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Car Park MachinesCase Study exploring the challenges faced with car park ticketing systems

Car Park Payment Case Study

For a number of years Siretta has been working closely with a leading manufacturer of parking management systems. This innovative company has a significant worldwide presence and continues to develop it’s remote monitoring solution with Siretta at the heart of the communication link.

The client’s parking management systems include parking machines which use traditional methods for payment but also bridge to the cashless society by offering payment via the cellular network.

The use of this wireless connectivity means that the information captured by the meter can be transmitted back to a central location in real time where analysis of the data can take place. Statistical information and meter decisions can be made based on the data trends that are received.

The analysis of this real time data allows for resources to be deployed and for corrective action to be applied where needed.

This improves performance and offers the following:

  • Optimise preventative maintenance and workforce operation
  • Improve efficiencies
  • Save on operational costs
  • Monitor cash security
  • Create an environment for increases in performance and profits
  • Spot trends and monitor new introductions

Alerts can also be sent via SMS or email to relevant personnel on their mobile devices. This means responses to faults and breakdowns is swift and ensures machines are returned to operation as quickly as possible.

Some example alerts can be transmitted from the remote location to indicate status on:

  • The coin box value
  • Ticket sales
  • Tamper alarms

The back end system will also log “day to day” transactions, providing an audit trail which can detailed accurate usage statistics. Reports can also be generated where detailed analysis can be performed.

The Siretta solution was put through a stringent testing phase which satisfied the client’s need to deploy products across the globe and allowed them to maintain their high standards of customer service. This testing phase included testing the Siretta solution against other manufacturers models.

The initial device selection criteria included:

  • High reliability
  • Ability to work with the client’s legacy products
  • Wireless connection from remote locations to a back office web based system
  • Use of the cellular network with a GPRS connection

The test phase allowed the client to give a thorough evaluation to the 2G network using the linkCONNECT LC300 family. The test phase went very well and the client chose to go with the LC300-GPRS, based on product reliability and local technical support. Part of the development process involved modifying the product to interface with the TTL signal levels found on the client’s legacy products.

Since then the LC300 has been established in the client’s product for a number of years, and enabled them to add significant value to their client’s businesses.

As time has moved on, the client has added Siretta’s LC300-UMTS devices into their portfolio and deployed these in to their parking machines.

This “future-proofing” has allowed the client to use their existing enclosure and product expertise and has reduced the time to get next generation 3G products to market.

The Siretta ZETA is an industrial modem designed for connecting equipment to the 2G / GSM, 3G / UMTS, 4G / LTE, LTE category M and LTE NB IoT cellular networks. The modem has a range of options and can provide coverage for EU, NA and global regions.

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