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Industrial RoutersUsing Industrial Router solutions to connect your world

To identify the ideal Industrial Router for your application we have developed the Router Selector Tool which is a configurable filter to narrow down the results to match your exact requirements.

The Siretta industrial router solutions are a family of intelligent managed routers which have been designed to connect remote devices over Ethernet LAN to the internet and RS232 serial equipment over a TCP/IP connection to a central location. Very little knowledge is required to setup the router and configure the router software. The unit is setup to operate out-of-the-box and is easily configured before deployment via a standard web browser or remotely via SSH or a web browser over HTTP once in the field.

The industrial router family detects the cellular network provider and can be configured for 2 different network providers via 2 different SIM cards for redundancy and reliability of connection.

The unit can be configured for each individual SIM card to operate as a primary or secondary backup network which offers the most reliable method of maintaining a connection. The only other settings which is required when using linkCONNECT is the IP address and listening port of the server where the router solution is connecting to. Once these settings are configured the unit will establish and maintain a connection to the server permanently and provide a fast, reliable internet connection to the local Ethernet LAN network. In the event of the network dropping a connection the unit will attempt to reconnect the connection and employs a number of techniques to ensure a robust, reliable connection is maintained at all times.

Siretta Industrial Router Application Example

routeCONNECT Application

The industrial router solution is agnostic to the connected equipment as the software within the unit controls and manages the internet link and routing functionality as well as the TCP connection to route the RS232 serial data over the cellular network. The linkCONNECT service supports any protocol or data type including binary and ASCII so that the underlying operating system or control software within the equipment does not need to understand the connection mechanics which makes connecting any equipment easy and simple. The industrial router service provides fast reliable internet access to the Ethernet LAN and routes data intelligently to the connected equipment.

The configuration of the industrial router solution is controlled by the user simply using a standard web interface or via CLI messages sent over an SSH connection using standard terminal emulator. Alternatively when configuring large volumes of units there is a configuration tool which configures the unit over Telnet via TFTP and a single configuration file can be replicated very quickly to aid the production programming.

The industrial router solution deals with all common cellular network issues and maintains a robust connection to the cellular network enabling a consistent communication channel with your remote equipment. The primary and secondary failover SIM feature offers complete network redundancy and provides a mechanism to offer a different tariff depending on network availability. The industrial router family is configurable as a dial-in server using either a static IP SIM card or Dynamic DNS to offer the most flexibility to gain access to information on your remote equipment and provides the most cost effective solution with regards to providing a cellular tariff for your entire estate.

Common application areas include:

  • Internet enable remote equipment in the field
  • Remotely access information from your estate
  • Allow legacy equipment to become data enabled
  • Remote software updates to remote devices
  • Add cellular connectivity without any development work
  • Plug and play directly to your existing application
  • Control and monitoring of remote equipment
  • Burglar Alarm / Fire Alarm / PIR Alarm remote access
  • Land-line not present / fallback internet services


  • Automatic network detection and setup
  • GPRS keep alive with multiple options
  • Automatic reboot timer
  • Configurable connection timeout
  • Dynamic DNS to enable simple remote access
  • Powerful Linux based OS for robust industrial compliance
  • Fast 5G NR and 4G LTE performance for high speed internet access
  • Internet enable equipment without expensive broadband wiring


  • Simple to set up and change configuration remotely using standard CLI interface
  • System agnostic design supports any type of equipment or operating system
  • Automatically and reliably routes internet traffic immediately upon connection
  • Network registration is maintained and automatically reconnected when lost


  • Reduced risk of deployment with the ability to make changes simply and easily in the field
  • Quickly gain diagnostic information of remote site equipment with no equipment changes required
  • Increase response times and equipment reliability without adding any complicated system infrastructure
  • Multiple configuration options to internet enable equipment with built in functionality
  • Cost savings and improvements in efficiency by reducing costly engineer callouts, improved reporting on entire estate and monitor high usage areas to provide better maintenance


  • Due to the simplicity of configuring the QUARTZ Family of routers we have many customers using the solution in many varied internet enabled applications
  • The plug-and-play design means that the end equipment needs no modifications at all to communicate reliably and simply to a remote server or to internet enable a legacy solution
  • Improvements in overall system performance increase revenues and offer the ability to provide additional services to end customers and for customers to remotely monitor system performance
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