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Siretta SolutionsExamples of Siretta IoT applications

There are currently billions of devices embedded and connected in applications covering Automation, Transportation, Security, Utilities and Low Power environments to name but a few markets adopting Industrial IoT solutions.

With the rapid and growing implementation of these devices, we increasingly need solutions to connect these devices and then to collect, store, and analyse their respective data. Siretta Industrial IoT products, services and solutions facilitate satisfaction of these requirements and have been employed, deployed and operated in multiple market & Industry classified sectors.

Below, and as a reference, you will find examples of how Industrial IoT can and is being used in applications today.


With the predicted 50Bn worldwide connected devices expected within the next three years Industrial IoT will be the primary technology that will enable their efficient & effective set up, maintenance,...


Industrial IoT is dramatically accelerating the pace of innovation in the transportation industry—especially the cars and trucks we drive every day. And, when you consider the current forecasted rate of...


IoT devices play an increasingly crucial role in the digital transformation of today’s security businesses. Enabling them to offer more services to more customers while building infrastructure networks that satisfy...


Utility companies – from generation & sourcing to distribution and retail are investing heavily in Industrial IoT technology. The global number of devices being managed by these utility companies is...

Low Power

In many Industrial IoT applications, minimising power consumption is a key design requirement. As an example, IoT capability may involve adding remote sensors and connectivity to a location that may...
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