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Home AutomationUsing linkCONNECT solutions to automate your world

Siretta linkCONNECT – intelligent managed modem solutions are used in home automation projects to link devices at home to the home owner via a mobile application on their smart phone. The solution uses a remote link to capture information about the status of the home including monitoring lights, doors and windows as well as total energy usage.

The Siretta linkCONNECT – intelligent managed modem solution enables remote access to a host of sensors around the home which can be used to report on a number of important parameters. There are a number of areas which are covered including providing a more energy efficient home or saving costs with energy usage over the year.

Application Example

Home Automation

Common application areas include:

  • Light monitoring
  • Lighting control
  • Heating control
  • Energy monitoring
  • Power control
  • Individual device energy management
  • Activate door and window locks
  • Door and window open status
  • Energy summary reporting
  • Total device itemised costs
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