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SirettaLINKLTE Cat M / NB IoT, LTE Cat 1 RS232 Serial Gateway Management

Access the SirettaLINK portal to start configuring your SL500 devices and reduce implementation costs using standardised configuration profiles.

Use the SirettaLINK centralised management portal to configure, update, manage and support devices from anywhere at anytime.

Siretta SL500 solutions are intelligent modems which have been designed to connect remote equipment over a TCP/IP connection to a central location using RS232 serial. Very little knowledge is required to setup and configure the SL500 solution. The unit can be setup to operate out-of-the-box and configured remotely via the SirettaLINK management portal. Device profiles can be created and tested before mass deployment and specific SIM details and account ownership can be assigned via the SirettaLINK configuration tool.

The configuration of the SL500 solution is managed and controlled by the user using the SirettaLINK management portal. The management portal provides advanced validation of all configuration parameters and provides feedback to help reduce configuration errors. In addition the SirettaLINK portal provides device connection status and real time error reporting.

SirettaLINK Application Example

The SL500 solution moves away from the traditional approach of setup and management using AT commands which require a high skill level to implement correctly. Instead, setup and management are all achieved using the modern cloud-based SirettaLINK management portal which makes deployment and remote management a simple task.

The SL500 solution deals with all common cellular network issues and maintains a robust and reliable connection to the LTE cellular network. This enables a consistent communication channel to your remote equipment. The units are configurable as a TCP dial-up client using either static or dynamic IP SIMs or alternatively as a TCP dial-in server device using a static fixed IP SIM card. This offers the most flexibility to gain access to information on your remote equipment and provides the most cost effective solution with regards to providing a cellular tariff to suit your entire estate.

Siretta SL500 solutions can also be used to internet enable new and existing equipment without any need for complicated product development or the need to understand complex software protocols or learning new applications. In addition there is no need to learn complex and specific AT commands to force the modem to implement the required functionality. The SL500 units work out of the box and can be installed immediately in to you application once you have tested the operating process in a sandbox test environment.

The SL500 solution can be setup simply using pre-built device profiles and uses a secure, dedicated transmission channel to transmit information from your remote equipment to a central location to record, log and control the target application. The Siretta SL500 solution enables remote access to all of the interfaces in your target application and can enable you to query a host of sensors, processes, power usage and any number of other important parameters.

The SL500 solution detects the cellular network provider and can automatically configure the APN network settings for the connected network eliminating the need to enter any network specific details (only for TCP dial-up client mode).

The primary profile settings required to establish a remote communication channel include the following parameters:

  • SIM APN Details
  • IP address / Domain of the customer server
  • Listening TCP port on the customer server
  • Serial parameters (Baud rate, Character framing, Flow Control)

Once these settings are configured the unit will establish and maintain a connection to the server once there is data available to be sent. Alternatively you can configure the device to maintain the connection permanently using client maintain. In the event of the network dropping a connection, the unit will attempt to reconnect to the server and the software employs a number of techniques to ensure a permanent, robust and reliable connection.

The SL500 solution is agnostic of the connected equipment as the software within the unit controls and manages the internet link and TCP connection to route the RS232 serial data over the LTE cellular network. As a result the unit can support any protocol or data type including binary and ASCII data so that the underlying operating system or control software within the equipment does not need to interact with the connected modem solution. This means that there needs to be no understanding of the the connection mechanics which makes connecting any remote equipment quick and simple.

Common application areas include:

  • Cellular enable existing equipment in the field
  • Remotely access information from your entire estate of devices
  • Allow legacy equipment to become data enabled
  • Remote software updates to remote devices
  • Add cellular connectivity without any development work
  • Plug and play directly to your existing application


  • Complete device management, control and monitoring
  • Automatic network detection and setup saves considerable time
  • Automatic APN setup (selected regions) saves time on manual entry
  • List of APN credentials is growing all the time and managed in software
  • Remote SMS configuration as a backup to the SirettaLINK portal
  • Cellular and TCP keepalive for sustained, reliable connectivity
  • Simple configuration of packet performance parameters providing flexibility
  • Configurable connection timeout to optimise connection usage


  • Simple to set up and change configuration remotely using web management portal
  • No need to learn complex AT commands to configure the modem using the CLI
  • System agnostic design supports any type of equipment or operating system
  • Automatically and reliably routes bidirectional serial data simultaneously
  • Network registration is maintained and automatically reconnected when lost


  • Reduced risk of deployment with the ability to make advanced changes simply and easily with remote devices in the field
  • Create device profiles from known working configurations and easily install in to selected devices from an easy to use web application
  • Quickly gain diagnostic information of remote site equipment including real time online status reports with no equipment changes required
  • Increase response times and equipment reliability to equipment without adding any complicated system infrastructure
  • Cost savings and improvements in efficiency by reducing costly engineer callouts, improved reporting on entire estate and monitor high usage areas to provide better maintenance


  • Due to the simplicity of the SL500 software we have many customers using the solution in many varied applications
  • The plug-and-play design means that the end equipment needs no modifications at all to communicate reliably and simply to a remote server
  • Improvements in overall system performance increase revenues and offer the ability to provide additional services to end customers

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Low Power SL500 RS232 Serial Gateway

LTE Technology
LTE Cat M / LTE Cat NB IoT / LTE Cat 1
SL500 Model Band Support LTE Category B1 B2 B3 B4 B5 B7 B8 B12 B13 B18 B19 B20 B26 B28
SL500-LTEM (GL) M / NBIoT Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
SL500-LTE1 (EU) 1 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
GSM/UMTS Technology
2G / GSM
SL500 Model Band Support B2 (1900MHz) B3 (1800MHz) B5 (850MHz) B8 (900MHz) B1 (2100MHz) B3 (1800Mhz) B8 (900MHz)
SL500-LTEM (GL) Yes Yes Yes Yes
SL500-LTE1 (EU) Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

(GL) = Global Region | (EU) = European Region | (USA) = American Region

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