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Low Power Solar MonitoringUsing low power solutions to monitor solar applications

Siretta low power industrial modem solutions are used in many applications which require long-life on reduced power such as solar panels or from running on batteries.

The optimised low power solutions enable all of the functionality available with other cellular modems with a much reduced current consumption. This is achieved using an efficient power supply design and an intelligent power management processor which can shut down non essential peripheral’s in real time.

In addition to an efficient hardware design the low power products also incorporate a number of special power saving modes which are controllable in software to intelligently manage the network connection to reduce transmit and receive cycles times and employ deep sleep modes.

All of these enhancements allow the low power industrial solutions to operate for extended periods of time using very little energy. As a result they can be powered directly from a small solar panel which allows devices to operate in the field indefinitely without a wired mains power source.

Device connectivity can be very difficult to facilitate in rural areas due to the installed infrastructure and installing any infrastructure can have a massive effect on the environment. Therefore using a low power intelligent solution provide a reliable and stable connection without any significant changes to the local environment.

Application Example


Common application areas include:

  • Solar power farm
  • Rural credit card processing
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Ocean / wave monitoring
  • Remote farming installations
  • Island communications
  • Connected trailer installations
  • Long term battery powered communication
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