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Design ResourcesUse Siretta's experience to help develop your custom applications

Siretta has been designing and providing custom solutions for over 10 years within the IoT application space. The various developments & projects we have been involved in have evolved over time to include more interaction with cloud services and have also become more intelligent in their own right.

Our Design team is made up of experienced industry professionals with expertise in hardware design, software development, system integration, production engineering and overall project management & delivery.

Our services cover the following key stages necessary to satisfy specific customer requirement.

1. Requirement understanding – Our project lead will meet and discuss your specific set of requirements to provide an initial ‘top level’ specification to be signed off by you.

2. Formal project scoping and sign off – We will, based on the ‘top level’ document, and following detailed analysis by our development team of hardware & software resources, write a formal project scoping document that will be submitted to you for sign off.

This document will cover the following:

  • Technical solution proposal.
  • Our estimate of costs for development, production of prototypes and cost to you for production units in the quantity required.
  • Project timeline
  • Our project team as well as agreement as to key contacts and project lead from your organisation.

3) Design and Technical specification submission and sign off.

4) Manufacture of pre-production units to enable testing and where required design amendment based on practical feedback.

5) If required, we will then obtain required approvals for the product from one of a number of external approval organisations that we partner with.

6) Ensure that the design is such that it can be economically produced, and that all production documentation is completed to thus enable efficient, effective and quality manufacturing to be undertaken.

7) Provide an ongoing regular review facility to ensure continued satisfaction against the initial specification and scope.

For an initial consultation please contact us via the link below.

Siretta – Buy Versus Make

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DO YOU NEED the FASTEST time to market?
DO YOU NEED to keep your project on TRACK with no unexpected SURPRISES?
DO YOU NEED to AVOID bottlenecks caused by too many variables in your kit of parts?
DO YOU NEED to reduce RISK and reduce engineering COST?

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