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Remote Device ConnectionUsing linkCONNECT solutions to connect your world

Siretta linkCONNECT solutions are used in applications required to link, integrate, setup, monitor, manage & control end devices, end systems and end components. Once setup the linkCONNECT solution automates the connection procedure and removes the need to understand or know the underlying connection information. This enables linkCONNECT devices to be configured once before shipping so that the end user then simply plugs in the device such that they are immediately ready to connect and utilise. If changes are required after deployment then these configuration changes can be sent remotely over SMS.

The Siretta linkCONNECT solution enables remote access to remote equipment with a robust and reliable connection. Device connectivity can be affected by the environment and operating conditions which the linkCONNECT solution manages and resolves to overcome.

Application Example

Point to Point Data Pipe

Common application areas include:

  • Internet enable remote equipment
  • Intelligent network connection management
  • Retrofit & upgrade for network enablement
  • RS232 end to end cable replacement
  • Device to server and device to device connectivity
  • Simplified pre-configured network enable devices
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