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Traffic Flow ControlUsing linkCONNECT solutions to manage the roads

Siretta linkCONNECT solutions are used in end applications to stream live ‘real time’ data from remote equipment. This solution is perfect for monitoring real time information in busy environments where immediate action is required to prevent delays and ensure the efficient delivery of a service. Loss of connectivity can be tracked and dealt with by using the built in backup CSD (circuit switched dialup) connection to maintain a constant reliable connection. The logging of real time information can be performed in the background and logged results can be reported at a later date to provide an on the spot detailed analysis or daily/weekly/monthly/yearly summary statistics.

The Siretta linkCONNECT solution enables devices to seamlessly stream information over the network to a central server or headquarters via a robust and reliable connection. Device connectivity enables any connected device to stream its information in real time for live updates and real time monitoring of end equipment.

Common application areas include:

  • Traffic control management
  • Traffic flow optimization
  • Scheduled flow control based on time of day
  • Logging system status to replace faulty equipment
  • Real time monitoring of all connected devices
  • Live updates in a central location
  • Monitoring trigger levels for automatic alarm generation
  • Performance statistics
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