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RF CablesConnecting your IoT applications

Siretta Cable Range

The Siretta RF Cable product line is designed to ensure the best signal quality. From short internal ‘PCB to bulkhead’ links all the way to long extension cables with multiple connectivity options.

There is a standard length offering for popular configurations and in addition, a bespoke service for custom assemblies. Contact us now for a quote.

Pigtail Cables

RF cables for internal equipment that use short interconnections will come under the ‘Pigtail’ heading.

The cable type is typically 1.13mm coax for internal (in machine) cable assemblies and RG174 for interconnections.

Mixed Pigtail Image

Patch Cables

Medium length RF cables from 0.5m to 5m can be found under the ‘Patch Cables’ heading. Patch cables are typically used for machine to machine interconnections and can be either LLC100 (RG174) or SLL200 (RG58) cable types.

The larger copper conductor in the SLL200 cable has less attenuation and therefore a better signal strength.


Extension Cables

The longer RF cables are typically used to connect from machine or device to an externally mounted antenna. Cable lengths can be from 5m up to 25m.

The longer the cable the more the signal is attenuated, choosing a high gain antenna is key for a successful link to be established. Low loss cables are best for longer links and preserve more signal. The stronger the signal the more reliable the link will be.


Pigtail Cables

Siretta coax pigtail assemblies are made from high quality components and assembly methods to control VSWR and Return Loss. Two cable types are available, the smaller and more flexible 1.13mm...

Patch Cables

LLC100 Patch Cables Patch cables are typically used for machine to machine interconnections and the RG174 type LLC100 low loss cable type is suitable for good signal strength links. LLC100 Cable -...

Extension Cables

Siretta Extension Cables are made from high quality components to ensure signal strength is preserved. Our extension cables use SLL200 cable which is a low loss RG58 type cable. Low...
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