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Utilities ManagementUsing linkCONNECT and Industrial Router solutions to manage your world

Utilities Solution

Siretta linkCONNECT and Industrial Router solutions are used by many utilities organisations for remote monitoring and management of  services, solutions and applications that they supply to their customer base, both private and business.

The Siretta linkCONNECT and Industrial Router solutions are used to provide fast, reliable internet services to mobile equipment as well as to monitor these devices in the field. The remote management of these applications enables devices, systems and people to have access to reliable connectivity and provide improvements to public and services infrastructure.

Example applications:

  • Smart City

Monitor the energy distribution network and provide improved urban services such as transportation routes, fast global internet access, power management, people management, control & monitor energy distribution stations and monitor the energy supply to individual villages, towns & cities to reduce the overall carbon footprint per person.

  • Traffic Management

Track the flow of traffic through the road network and monitor location of any incidents affecting throughput of people and transport. Dynamically control traffic junctions, traffic light sequences, right of way priority, additional traffic lanes and provide up to date information on signage to direct traffic accordingly.

  • Video Surveillance

Real time video surveillance offers additional safety and security to pedestrians for homes, towns and cities. This service can allow the Police force to track and process crime and allows facilities management to observe bottlenecks and service outages.

  • Environment monitoring

Monitor conditions such as temperature, humidity, light intensity, water pollution, O2, C0, CO2 and other gases for both health and safety as well as monitoring and improving the environment conditions.

  • Street lighting

Monitor the performance of street lighting and public lighting services by tracking light intensity, power outages, bulb and equipment failures from a central location which enables fast decisions to be made to improve the overall performance offering.

  • Public Safety

Determine busy public locations where extra services and infrastructure would offer an additional benefit to the public. Improvements to existing under developed or under funded areas can make a large difference to public services and overall performance of the common area.

  • 4G Public hotspot

Rural areas and small villages often suffer from a lack of public services such as fast wired or fibre broadband. The cost of implementing these services is prohibitive for the return on investment and as such these areas do not see improvements for long periods of time. As a result there are many applications which can make use of 4G/LTE mobile broadband routers which provide fast reliable internet access over the 4G network.

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