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E-BooksEnabling Industrial IoT

All of our current E-Books are shown below to keep everything in one place. We will be adding our new E-Books here as they become available.

26/04/2022 – Siretta Antennas 101 eBook – Understanding Antenna Theory

This antenna technical parameter guide is intended as the companion document to the data sheets describing Siretta’s range of antennas. Antennas cover many applications, the most widely known and used being Television/radio, cell phones, WiFi and Bluetooth. But there are many more all the way from the complexity of a satellite communication system down to the simplicity of a car door opener. Siretta antennas operate in the range of 150 MHz through to 6 GHz.

This antenna technical parameter guide is not intended to explain how or why an antenna and its associated communication system works, just the technical points of the subject that need to be understood in order to be able to select and use an antenna.

Download the Basic Theory and Parameters of Antennas

29/04/2021 – Visual Guide to Radiation Plots

Radiation plots are visual guides to what is happening to the RF energy that is emitted from, or received by an antenna. The measurements are made in a special test laboratory that isolates the antenna from external radio frequencies during the test. There are other factors like cable type, cable length and number of joints that also affect the signal.

Siretta have created this quick and easy E-Book to help you understand more.

Download the Visual Guide to Radiation Plots E-Book

24/9/2020 – Making Antenna Selection Simple for IoT Networks!

Determining an antenna for industrial IoT is not something to be treated lightly. Wrong choices can be costly, especially when installing in remote locations. Connectivity issues will impact productivity, information flows, and cause frustration to both customers and support personnel.

Siretta’s eBook is at hand to help understand the importance of antenna selection and why you should consider it at the very early stages of any project. The eBook provides guidance on the different mounting styles available to match your application, as well as the numerous technologies that the Siretta range serves.

There are also tips on when to use low loss cable, omni-directional and directional antennas, and help on navigating your way through IP ratings, a vital consideration for antennas used in outdoor environments. Siretta wants to make industrial IoT selection easy, so why not help yourself today by downloading our eBook.

Download the E-Book on Antenna Selection

9/7/2020 – New Cellular Networks for Industrial IoT – Where can 2G Applications go next?

Operating on the cellular network to communicate with remote equipment has expanded rapidly in recent years. However, whilst this brings many benefits, power consumption has generally been in the “must do better” column.

Due to intermittent use of networks with relatively low data usage, 2G cellular has suited many industrial applications. However, with new network technologies starting to evolve and others beginning to sunset, the landscape for cellular communications is changing and savings can be made on both power and cost. To help navigate the route forward, Siretta have produced an insightful document on migration from 2G, to help arm clients with key consideration factors.

Download the E-Book on 2G Migration
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