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Low PowerExamples of Low Power Applications

In many Industrial IoT applications, minimising power consumption is a key design requirement. As an example, IoT capability may involve adding remote sensors and connectivity to a location that may not already have power available.

It’s often not feasible to add wiring, so a battery-operated solution is a preferred option. To maximise battery life, the sensor node typically spends most of its time in a low-power “sleep” mode, waking up periodically according to a fixed schedule.

During the waking period, the node gathers data and transmits it wirelessly to a central hub. Then it goes back to sleep until it’s time for the next measurement. To achieve this Industrial IoT must be self-organising, self-configuring, self-correcting, scalable, with very low energy consumption, simple to install and based on global standards.

Siretta IoT solutions satisfy these requirements as demonstrated in the application examples below.

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