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Door Entry SystemsCase Study exploring the challenges faced with security access by Telguard

Door Entry Case Study

Door Entry Systems

This case study details a key customer solution which uses the Siretta linkCONNECT IoT solution to enable them to monitor, record and grant access to homes, offices and restricted areas over the mobile network. In addition, they were able to enhance their solution with the following:

  • Log dates and times of access for both entry and exit
  • Provide real time people count for fire drills
  • Restrict access in real time for scheduled access
  • Check access usage patterns
  • Check operating status and initiate maintenance as required

The Access Security market:

Door entry systems and electronic access control are one of the biggest and rapidly growing market segments within the Internet of Things (IoT) industry. Marketsandmarkets are reporting that the total available market for electronic access control systems reached $16.3 billion by 2017 with a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 7.0%. This is due in part to the increase in safety systems and changes to the security policies of many corporations and governments as a result of terrorism and crime.

Who are Telguard?


Telguard is a leading door access systems manufacturer and are changing perceptions when it comes to access control. Through their next generation door entry systems, Telguard are demonstrating why wireless door entry systems are the 21st century solution. Telguard have the capability and experience in the design of wireless door entry systems and understand the issues which surround reliable performance.

Technology that adapts to business requirements:

Business requirements demanded a future proof, integrated and complete wireless connectivity solution that would also reduce time to market. This would also allow Telguard to focus on their core offering. Wireless door entry systems put the user in control of their premises without the need to be physically present at the property. Telguard designed their next generation products with a view to provide their customers with the convenience of accessing the door entry system remotely and securely.

Due to design complexity, worldwide approvals, development time and cost required to design and develop a robust wireless system meant that chip level design was not a viable option. Due to the challenges presented by door entry systems a secure and reliable connection is essential and a bespoke solution was required to address all of these challenges. An unreliable and insecure wireless connection could result in no access to the property or even worse an insecure connection leaves the premises exposed to external threats such as hacking.

The complete solution from Siretta:

A reasonably priced and robust out-of-the box solution was required which would seamlessly integrate into Telguard’s existing application and provide a dedicated wireless connection over the mobile network. The cellular network provides an ideal solution to enable remote access over long distances.

The Siretta linkCONNECT wireless solution has proven that secure, automated and reliable wireless connectivity does not have to be complex and costly. The industry agnostic linkCONNECT solution is one of the many Siretta Internet of Things (IoT) solutions that provide robust reliable connectivity. Flexibility is a key element when it comes to enabling wireless connectivity for Internet of Things (IoT) applications which are many and varied across the globe.

What makes Siretta stand out?

left_quoteThe linkCONNECT based solution allows Telguard to maintain access critical connectivity at all times. The solution offers seamless wireless connectivity through more than one technology. For this demanding application it offers Telguard the option to choose between primary operating technologies such as GSM, CSD and SMS.right_quote


The development team at Telguard

blankThis solution has not only enabled Telguard to optimise their value proposition, but it has also significantly reduced operational costs. The access critical connectivity offered by the linkCONNECT based solution has transformed operations especially when it comes to reducing and predicting site visits for Telguard and its partners.blank


Siretta understand that our partners do not have control of the cellular infrastructure, however, through combined intelligent hardware and software design, we are able to optimise connectivity and significantly increase up-time. It is for this reason that Siretta wireless solutions are a popular choice for sensitive & high reliability applications.

blankThis was a collaboration waiting to happen. People often associate wireless connectivity with high costs and long development cycles. Siretta have played an instrumental role when it comes to resilient and cost effective wireless solutions. We have invested heavily into developing custom solutions for varying and rapidly changing requirements.blank

Said Steve Sydes, chief executive at Siretta.

Siretta offer cross-industry and platform agnostic solutions for the Internet of Things (IoT). Check out our customisable wireless range of solutions to find out what we can do to connect your application.

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