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Extension CableTechnical Data

Siretta Extension Cables are made from high quality components to ensure signal strength is preserved. Our extension cables use SLL200 cable which is a low loss RG58 type cable. Low loss cable is best for lengths over 5m unless a very high gain antenna is used. When connecting to an external antenna there is a risk of lightening using the antenna to dissipate the energy to ground. To mitigate against this high voltage energy entering the equipment, a ‘Surge Arrestor’ should be installed at the building entry point.

Use the same cable type on either side of the surge arrestor to minimise Return Loss due to cable mismatches.

SLL200 Extension Cables

Low loss cable assemblies typically used for connecting to external antennas.

SLL200 Cable – Electrical Specification

Nominal Impedance 50 Ohm
Nominal Capacitance 80pf/m
Nom. Velocity of Propagation 83%
Shielding Effectiveness >89dB
Installation & Operating Temp Range -40 to 85°C
Attenuation dB/100m 30MHz150MHz450MHz900MHz1.8GHz2GHz5.8GHz

SLL200 Cable – Mechanical Properties

Inner Conductor 1.12mm
Dielectric 2.95mm
Primary Shield Bonded Aluminium Foil 3.07mm
Secondary Shield 90% Coverage Tinned Wire Braid 3.66mm
Cable Jacket 4.95mm
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