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SENTRY Standalone Network AnalysersUsing SENTRY solutions to survey your world

Introducing the New SENTRY

The latest edition to our extensive Cellular Analyser Range. The SENTRY is a remote analyser which is easily controlled and monitored using our CloudSURVEY portal.

The range is offered in EU and US models which cover all the major cellular technologies in use today. The SENTRY is an industrial stand alone unit and which can operate continuously or with specified survey cycles to allow predefined measurements. It analyses all cellular signals from any network at any particular site being surveyed and displays the results in a simple and easy to understand format.

The SENTRY also provides a summary of all the networks found in the area, their relative signal strengths and number of cells available. This information allows you to very quickly make a decision about the most appropriate network to use for your application in the area and to determine what options you have with regards to secondary backup networks. As a result this is an invaluable tool for performing site surveys and determine the best mobile network to use for your system.

Small but powerful..

With impressive dimensions of just 93 x 97 x 28mm and a unit weight of just 99 grams. The SENTRY is small and compact to undergo any Cellular Surveying situations.

SENTRY Application Example

The SENTRY can perform unlimited sequential surveys and record everything directly to the cloud management portal. This enables you monitor specific network availability over long periods of time and determine the overall stress of the networks in a given location which in turn determines whether the network availability is suitable for the intended application. In addition to monitoring the networks availability, the SENTRY can also determine the networks operating performance over time and can determine if the network is suitable for long term stability and capable of providing the minimum requirements for your solution.

There are a number of different options available to the SENTRY for performing surveys including:

  • Total survey duration
  • Interval between surveys
  • Power interruption handling
  • Survey result output
  • Cellular technology
  • Network steering

The survey results can be reviewed in real time on the cloud management portal and it is possible to view the logged detail over the entire survey session. This can identify unreliable base-stations & intermittent cellular service from specific operators which is not possible with individual spot surveys.

Common application areas include:

  • Summary feature displaying all available networks and cells simultaneously in the area
  • Perform area site survey to determine most reliable network carrier
  • Highlight ‘hotspot zones’ and ‘dropout zones’
  • Review performance over time to determine the most suitable provider
  • Perform uninterrupted surveys for long duration surveying
  • Verify the exact location of performed surveys


  • Automatic network scanning process
  • Automatic upload to record unlimited network surveys
  • Industrial design with wide power supply range
  • Review survey results in real time on the cloud management portal
  • No compatibility issues with Windows, MAC OS and Linux
  • Simple menu driven interface to select operating options
  • Powerful intelligent ARM processor delivers fast results
  • Graphical display simplifies readings on management portal


  • Determine the optimum network to use for your application
  • Evaluate the performance of your existing equipment in the field
  • Modify your application and tune the system to improve performance and reduce downtime


  • Improve reliability and performance of existing equipment in the field
  • Reduce downtime by selecting the most available network in the area ensuring good signal coverage
  • Increase network download speed and network response times
  • Improve battery life and system up time by reducing power output
  • Cost savings and improvements in efficiency by reducing costly engineer call outs
  • Improve performance for maintenance engineers storing multiple surveys without return to base

Network Performance Monitoring

Review the performance of the network quickly with SENTRY’s advanced survey reports. Measure the minimum and maximum connection times including the average for the entire survey and compare your specific network survey measurements to the system average for the network operator.

Our SENTRY family consists of:


  • 2G, 3G, 4G/LTE
  • Unlimited Surveys
  • Performance Monitoring
  • CloudSURVEY mapping view


  • 3G, 4G/LTE
  • Unlimited Surveys
  • Performance Monitoring
  • CloudSURVEY mapping view
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