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Connecting Siretta a global manufacturer of IoT solutions with the world

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Enabling Industrial IoT

Industrial solutions for business systems integrators and IoT application developers

IoT Signal Measurement

Measuring the integrity and performance of your cellular network

Ultra Low Power IoT Solutions

Build applications that require extended operating periods using enhanced ultra low power technology

Connect Your Entire World

Use antennas to connect all of your devices with ease


Industrial Modems


2G / 3G / LTE Cat 1 / LTE Cat 4 / LTE Cat M / LTE NB IoT
Selector Tool

Industrial Routers


5G NR / LTE Cat 4 / 3G / 2G
Selector Tool

Cellular Signal Analysers


5G NR / LTE / LTE-M / NB-IoT/ 3G /2G
Selector Tool



Cellular / ISM / WiFi / BLE / LoRa / SigFox / GNSS
Selector Tool

RF Cables


RF / Low loss RF / Pigtail / Extension Cable
Selection Guide

RF Accessories


RF Adapters / RF Gender Changers / RF Surge Arrestors
Selector Guide

About Siretta

Siretta Ltd are located in Reading, United Kingdom and are a leading manufacturer and developer of IoT products, IoT software and IoT solutions. Our specialty being in providing these for...

Product Comparison Tool

To identify the ideal product for your application we have developed the Product Comparison Tool. This tool provides a complete breakdown of the product features from your chosen family of devices and provides a comparison of these features against each device.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

This section lists some of the questions that we have been asked by customers with responses from our technical team. It also includes our latest application notes which highlight product functionality and explains how to implement many advanced features of our products.

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