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SNYPER Product ResourcesHigh performance handheld cellular network signal analyser

Find resources for your SNYPER to get up and running quickly. Follow the quick start guide to get up and running and then follow the details in the CloudSURVEY management portal. In addition the complete range of documents available for the SNYPER are listed under SNYPER documents.

The SNYPER family of signal analysers are sophisticated yet easy to use with a large and bright, full colour display. The range is offered in both 2G / 3G / LTE /5G NR and 2G / LTE Cat M / LTE Cat NBIoT cellular technologies to cover all network cell towers in use today. The SNYPER is a hand held, battery operated unit and can operate for several hours between charges (depending on use). It analyses all cellular signals from any network at any particular site being surveyed and displays the results in a simple and easy to understand format.

The SNYPER also provides a summary of all the networks found in the area, their relative signal strengths and number of cells available. This information allows you to very quickly make a decision about the best network to use for your application in the area and to determine what options you have with regards to secondary backup networks.

The broad range of features offered by the SNYPER makes it an invaluable tool for performing site surveys to determine the most suitable mobile network, performing antenna alignment, monitoring network downtime and determining the best performing network for your entire system.

SNYPER Enhanced Functions

  • Optimum antenna placement
  • Best network performance for a site
  • Evaluate performance of existing installations
  • Best choice of network operator for a site
  • Rank network signal strengths in order

SNYPER Startup Guide

Follow this guide to get up and running with your SNYPER simply and quickly. This start up guide will describe how to start a new SNYPER network survey and then how to store and access it using the CloudSURVEY management portal.

CloudSURVEY Overview

The CloudSURVEY portal allows you to view your cellular survey results in the cloud. The CloudSURVEY software has a host of features, allowing you to view base-station positions, network performance and determine the ideal network for your application.

SNYPER Application Notes

Siretta SNYPER cellular analysers can be used to determine the optimum cellular parameters for your applications. The application notes listed here describe the terminology used in the SNYPER products and explain how to use the SNYPER in different scenarios.

The SirettaSPARK Tool is an automated device management application developed by Siretta to simplify the process of keeping your devices up to date with the latest software and firmware. Software updates provide new features, performance improvements and bug fixes to applications developed by Siretta and enhance your products overall capabilities. Firmware updates provide improvements to the devices core operation, add performance improvements and enhance device network interaction.

Both of these elements are important to keep your device running in optimal condition and the SirettaSPARK tool helps to make this process simple and easy.

The SirettaSPARK Tool automates software and firmware updates for all of your Siretta devices and offers the following benefits:

  • Simplified device management
  • Ensures devices have the latest firmware and software installed
  • Increased performance and operating improvements
  • Apply the latest bug fixes

In addition the SirettaSPARK Tool incorporates advanced features which offer the following:

  • Debugging tools saved locally to a log file
  • Debugging tools saved remotely to Siretta’s servers
  • Device configuration tools for application management
  • Simple network connectivity logging tools

The SirettaSPARK integrated tools provide automated device updates and allow the Siretta Engineering team to understand and debug any underlying issues with your application integration remotely.

NOTE: If SirettaSPARK does not find your connected equipment you may be running an outdated version of software or you may have a problem with your devices setup.
Please contact Siretta support for further assistance.

Register to download the SirettaSPARK Tool
SirettaSPARK User Manual
SNYPER-5G & SNYPER-IoT Graphyte User Manual
SNYPER-IoT Graphyte (GL) Datasheet
SNYPER-5G Graphyte (GL) Datasheet
SNYPER LTE+ Spectrum (AP) Datasheet
SNYPER-LTE Graphyte (AP) Datasheet
SNYPER V2 Fact Sheet
SNYPER-LTE+ (EU) V2 Datasheet
SNYPER-LTE+ Spectrum (EU) V1/V2 Datasheet
SNYPER – Feature Comparison
Siretta Device Safety and Product Care
SNYPER-LTE Graphyte User Manual
SNYPER-LTEM – Quick Start Guide
SNYPER-LTEM (GL) – User Manual
SNYPER-LTEM (GL) Datasheet
SNYPER-LTE Graphyte Brochure
SNYPER-LTE+ Family Quick Start Guide
SNYPER-LTE+ (USA) V1/V2 Datasheet
CloudSURVEY User Manual
CloudSURVEY Datasheet
SNYPER-LTE Family Product Comparison
SNYPER-LTE Graphyte Quick Start Guide
SNYPER-LTE+ Family User Manual
SNYPER-LTE Graphyte (USA) V1/V2 Datasheet

Siretta USB Device Drivers

To connect your industrial modem, network signal analyser or intelligent cellular application to your OS of choice, you will need to install the relevant USB drivers for your system. Please see the supported drivers below which should be used to ensure correct operation of your USB communication on your OS.

You must connect your device to the system and it must be turned on for the software drivers to install correctly!!

Windows 11 USB Drivers
WinCE6 USB Drivers
WinCE7 USB Drivers
WinCE USB Drivers User Guide
Windows 7/8 USB Drivers
Windows 10 USB Drivers
Linux USB Drivers User Guide
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