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Enabling Industrial IoTSuccessful development, deployment and support of IoT

Successful development, implementation, deployment and ongoing support of IoT solutions depends on many factors – from selecting the right technologies and architectures, developing & integrating the best software package, employing proper methodologies while always adhering & complying with the right standards and regulations.

At Siretta we have over 10 years’ experience gained in utilising the Worlds cellular network and then applying the latest technology, proven best practices and implementation techniques to help you arrive at the best IoT solution.


Adding Industrial IoT to your application incorporates an additional layer of complexity to the selection criteria. Industrial devices are designed to operate without human intervention and should be able to run faultlessly in extremely challenging conditions where standard devices would otherwise fail.

Siretta has specialised in designing products for this market area which operate with fault tolerance and additional redundancy built in to the fabric of the hardware and software to ensure that the products work in all situations.

To find out more as to how Siretta can assist you in ENABLING IoT in your application please use the link below.

Register your email account and download our technical data manual on IoT technology showing specific application examples used throughout the industry.

Industrial IoT Manual

Markets that we operate in include the following:

  • Industrial & Domestic Automation
  • Transport
  • Security & Asset Management
  • Healthcare
  • Energy & Utilities
  • Buildings & Infrastructure
  • General Industrial
  • Low Power Applications

The specific areas that we offer expertise in ENABLING IoT and that we deploy in providing solutions are:

  • Embedded & System level IoT
  • System integration
  • Cellular Network integration & utilization
  • Sensors
  • Communications Protocols
  • Edge and Cloud
  • Data and Analytics
  • Retrospective use of IoT to achieve efficiency and revenue.
  • Security
  • Interoperability and Standards, Regulatory and Compliance

We employ both our own IoT standard products & services that we make generally available as well as offering specific customized solution via our in-house Design Resources based in the UK.

We Enable IoT through the use and knowledge we have in the following areas:

  • Industrial Modems
  • Industrial Routers
  • Cellular Network Analysers
  • Antennas
  • RF Cables
  • RF accessories
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