The Oscar 17 is an Omni-directional wall / bracket mount antenna, operating on quad band GSM/GPRS and 3G/UMTS frequencies. Its high quality monopole design provides a peak gain of 10dBi within its operating frequency range for improved site communication.

Supplied with a lightweight, durable aluminium mounting bracket, the antenna is designed for outdoor use to improve cellular signal strength reception and transmission. Common applications for the Oscar 17 include, base station, remote monitoring and alarm/security systems.

Cable assemblies to match the antenna and device connectors are available from Siretta in the RF Cables Section.

• European GSM/GPRS/UMTS
• 10dBi gain
• Omnidirectional



Oscar 17 Datasheet

Handheld Antenna Test

OSCAR 17 Snyper Graphyte Test

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Siretta Part Number: OSCAR17/X/TNC/S/S/19
Description: GSM/GPRS & 3G Omnidirectional Antenna

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Cable Assemblies to suit different devices and applications can be found in the ‘RF Cables’ section