The Tango 47 antenna is a good solution for any kind of on-the-move vehicle to be able to access GPS and 3G/4G cellular networks reliably, with as much bandwidth as possible.

Designed for systems that require both GPS and telephony/internet connectivity; having two antennas in one package saves on both installation time/cost and having to buy two antennas. The antenna has a 12mm zinc plated steel backing plate, which is robustly built for deploying on the roof of the intended vehicle.

Supplied as standard with SMA male connectors on 2.5m of cable. Alternative connectors and cable lengths may be specified for volume orders

• 3G/4G/GPS heavy duty screw mount
• Designed for public transport
• Weather resistant design



Tango 47 Datasheet

Ordering Information

Siretta Part Number: TANGO47/2.5M/SMAM/SMAM/S/S/17
Description: 4G/LTE and GPS Combined Panel Mount Antenna, SMA Male Connector

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Alternative cable lengths and connector types can be specified for volume orders.