Siretta Pulse is our blog channel which highlghts design application suggestions as we find them along with ideas for improved performance. It also lists helps and tips for how to use our products in your IoT applications.

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Cellular antenna installation and placement

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Cellular Antenna installation and placement The uses for antennas are endless and growing rapidly with this largely as a result of Internet of Things (IoT) device availability and diversity. The…

2G or not 2G

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2G or not 2G - What is the future? This article looks at the choices available to designers when it comes to selecting cellular technology to replace their 2G designs.…

Antenna radiation plots and their meaning

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Antenna radiation plots - what do they mean? An essential component of a wireless system is the Antenna selected to transmit and receive data. In order to optimise the system…

Ultra-Low Power Modem for Industrial IoT (IIoT)

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Today’s cellular network has to satisfy both consumer and industrial demands. In contrast, the consumer market demands the high bandwidth necessary for data hungry communications, whilst the Industrial IoT market…

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