Intelligent Managed Modem - Client Mode (Banner)

When it comes to monitoring remote equipment, are you frustrated by connection drop-out on the cellular network?

Or does the thought of having to find a way around it fill you with horror? Manually re-booting connections when drop-out occurs is not an option, especially when large distances are involved. There’s help at hand with Siretta’s Intelligent Managed Modem solutions.

Intelligent managed modems are a self-managing or smart modem that form part of the modem range of products from Siretta. Our products have been created for equipment which has a RS232 serial port for configuration and control. Intelligent managed modems extend the reach of your serial cable connection by harnessing the power of the 2G, or 3G networks. The software within the solution will also auto detect your network, as well as conduct an automatic reboot should your signal dropout.

What’s Involved?

Just connect the Intelligent Managed Modem to your RS232 serial port and set up an internet connection over 2G GPRS or 3G UMTS networks such that you can access data from and send data to your RS232 port from anywhere in the world.

If used as a Serial cable replacement it is configurable as a Client or Server and can use either static or dynamic IP SIM cards to effect either a connect on demand or “always on” serial connection. In this way, you can upgrade any wired remote device to a much more flexible 2G/3G connection with no knowledge required about AT commands or GPRS/3G wireless protocol. In this way, the Intelligent Managed Modems are truly ‘plug-n-play’. They can be used in many applications as they are protocol independent and are a truly reliable method of connecting your remote devices to a distant server etc.


Applications could include preventative maintenance, replenishment systems and many more servicing type issues where visit assessments have been the answer in the past. However, Intelligent Managed Modems help remove the necessity to be on-site as you can now perform all the same tasks via mobile devices including tablets or from a PC.