What has your remote site got to say for itself

We know the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is rapidly evolving, low power / high processing power, and reducing price per connected device, all driving the advance. IIoT endpoints create the connection to real world sensors and actuators thereby creating a wealth of information to be available. Add cloud services to the mix and the wealth of information is made available online from anywhere. IIoT endpoints typically use Bluetooth/WiFi/Short range wireless to connect but what if your site is truly remote?

What do agriculture, transport networks and utility companies all have in common? A: The need for information to drive higher operating efficiency and greater control – remotely.

As many markets as you can think of are adopting remotely connected devices for monitoring physical parameters and controlling actuators. Sensors detect temperatures, liquid levels, gas pressure and humidity commonly but within civil engineering movement detection is needed along with changes in widths of structural cracks and more. This information, if it can be sensed, can be transmitted over wireless networks, processed by cloud hosted management systems and received / acted upon at another location – in fact anywhere. This enables feedback given by controlling actuators, sending alerts assigned to specific events, as well as the original sensing information to be viewed, processed and acted upon very remotely.

Bluetooth/WiFi is useful for in-building applications, many remotely located assets could be tens, if not hundreds of miles from HQ. Here, only cellular connected devices can provide the right technology/price-point solution. Cellular (2G/3G/4G) devices make use of mobile phone networks for data transmission. Additionally, Siretta cellular modems have the capability to send and react to SMS messages and call external phone numbers.

Siretta connectivity products include both industrial cellular modems and router technologies with entry-level low cost 2G/LTE Category M/3G through to high speed 4G products.

Siretta modems are used by many leading manufacturers for remotely monitoring many items. Gas tanks, environmental gear, traffic control, motorway signage and ticketing machines are now almost uniquely connected by cellular modems for remote management – many of which are Siretta modems.

Many other applications exist, and the list is getting longer as the technology is better understood by more people.