Get your signal from no to go!

Imagine living on a remote farm, in the middle of the countryside, surrounded by nothing but fresh air and beautiful views. Sounds idyllic, doesn’t it? Unfortunately, nowadays you need more than beautiful views and being connected to the internet is one of them… especially if you also have a business to run.

So, you get a Wi-Fi to cellular router to connect to the 4G network to get access to the internet. All seems fine, until you find that 4G connection in your area is very patchy. You might be thinking a dodgy internet connection isn’t that bad and it does work sometimes, until you are in the middle of a business transaction and the signal disappears.

You might be able to deal with the unreliability and frustrations that your internet currently provides you with, but what if I told you there is one simple way to improve your internet signal!


To improve your 4G connection, all you need to do is change the Cellular (4G) antenna connected to your Wi-Fi to 4G router to a large, high gain antenna connected via a low loss cable.

Siretta offer a range of high gain antennas with a rugged construction, making them suitable for outdoor use, and a range of low loss cables – combined – improving your internet connection.

The antenna Siretta would recommend for this application is the Oscar40.


#The Oscar40 is tuned to quad band 3G and 4G frequencies, and is especially designed for areas with low signal strength.

We supply the Oscar40 with either 5m or 10m length low loss cables. The shorter the cable length, the less signal loss there will be from the point of the signal being received (the antenna) to the point the signal is being routed (the router).

Now the energetic part begins… You will need to mount your Oscar40 outside, preferably pointing upright using the supplied U-Bolt and bracket fixing – this will allow simple mounting to a wall or pole. You will need to ensure you mount the antenna as high up as possible, the higher the antenna the better the reception. As the Oscar40 is omnidirectional, it will receive uniform signal from all directions meaning it will detect signals all around the antenna rather than one signal, from one direction.

The newly mounted Oscar40 will pick up signal from all local base stations and feed this to your router. Your router will then deliver the internet over Wi-Fi giving you the desired internet speeds you have always wanted!

Now… back to enjoying that remote little farm in the middle of nowhere WITH internet connection!