Here at Siretta, our core focus is to provide advice and solutions that help our customers – like you – get the most out of their applications.

Whether it is analysing cellular strength to see which network provider offers the best signal, or even something as boring as picking the right antenna, Siretta are here to provide a whole host of knowledge and expertise.

Below are 6 top tips that will make you say “WOW – that’s useful!” rather than “How will it work?”

  1. Avoid placing your antenna immediately next to large objects (for example a building) as this can block your antenna from receiving signal.
  2. Always mount your antenna up as high as possible. The higher the antenna, the better the received reception! (A bit like when you hold your phone in the air when a text message won’t send…)
  3. Always use a low loss cable in your application where possible. Low loss cables ensure signal loss is kept to a minimum and allow you to install your antenna further away from your equipment. A stronger signal strength at your equipment will ensure superior operating performance.
  4. If your application uses a SIM, make sure you use a network provider that has good coverage in the area. Stronger cellular signal reception ensures optimal performance for your application.
  5. Ensure you are using the correct power supply for your application by checking it can drive your equipment with the correct voltage and current. Also, check that your power supply is suitably earthed to a common ground, especially for double insulated power blocks.
  6. Never dip your elevenses biscuits in a cup of coffee. Some things in life are not supposed to be done and that’s one of them!

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