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Today’s cellular network has to satisfy both consumer and industrial demands. In contrast, the consumer market demands the high bandwidth necessary for data hungry communications, whilst the Industrial IoT market is more suited to applications requiring  infrequent communications, low power and low bandwidth.

New Category Standards suit Industrial IoT
Until now, a “one size fits all” cellular infrastructure has dominated, but that is beginning to change with the emergence of new category standards within LTE communications. These new standards tailor themselves to the less demanding features of Industrial IoT products.
Siretta Modem Range
Cat M / NB IoT 
Two of the standards IIoT customers are looking to for their applications, are Cat M and NB IoT(Narrowband IoT), both synonymous with ultra-low power consumption.
To find out more about what Siretta has to offer on CAT M / NB IoT industrial modems, please click the link below
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