“Connect-Configure-Communicate” industrial cellular solution!


Siretta’s new, innovative cloud-based portal, SirettaLINK, provides the means to configure, update, manage and support Siretta’s new intelligent industrial modems, the SL500 series, bringing you “out of the box” connectivity.

SL500 industrial modems provide an intelligent serial gateway, connecting remote equipment via an RS232 cable and then communicating data over a TCP/IP connection to a central location.

Configuration can be performed remotely via the SirettaLINK Management Portal, where device profiles can be created and tested before mass deployment, all designed to shrink time to market for your solution and provide the opportunity for rapid deployment.



Two types of SL500 intelligent modems exist for low power networks:

  • SL500-LTEM (GL) for use with the Cat M / NB IoT network
  • SL500-LTE1 (EU) for use with the Cat 1 network

Each modem will make use of the LTE cellular network dependent on it’s availability in the “local” area.

If “ready-made” reliable connectivity is what you need then contact your local distributor about SL500 starter kits today, so you can join the world of “connect-configure-communicate” industrial solutions.

Click this link to learn more today – SirettaLINK – Siretta – Enabling Industrial IoT