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With any instrument, the value is in its ease of use and the benefits it delivers.

In the cellular network world, the demand for measurement of network signals grows and grows… and with it, the need to gain results quickly and easily. Siretta – through its SNYPER family – have provided a developing range of instruments for cellular product installation and service personnel.

We recently introduced the SNYPER-LTEM (GL) to our cellular network analyser range, a high performance, multi-language network signal analyser dedicated to surveying the LTE CatM1, NB1 & also 2G / GSM Global networks.



It incorporates a number of important features and can perform three types of survey:

  • LTE CatM1 (LTE CatM1 network with signal strength in the area)
  • LTE Cat NB1 (LTE Cat NB1 network without signal strength in the area *)
  • 2G / GSM (2G / GSM networks with signal strength in the area)

The LTE CatM1 and LTE Cat NB1* surveys will record the base-station with the strongest signal for each operator in the local area. The 2G / GSM survey will provide multiple results from each network operator, in one single survey. Results can be downloaded to a PC and displayed in “csv” format or “HTML” graphical format. This will allow users to analyse the data and make informed decisions about their network rollout. The SNYPER-LTEM (GL) can also provide access to Siretta’s CloudSURVEY Portal (subscription based service) where surveys can be stored in your own account for reference purposes and future comparisons.

The SNYPER-LTEM (GL) comes equipped in a rugged carrycase with associated accessories, and does not require a SIM to perform its local site surveys.


To learn more, click here- Single Survey LTE Cat M Analyser (GL) – Siretta – Enabling Industrial IoT, or contact your local representative for more details.

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