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The end of 3G networks has been anticipated for a while, and it is quickly nearing. It is inevitable that older networks will be phased out in order to make room for 4G and 5G technologies to develop further.

Businesses that continue to use 3G face a number of difficulties as a result of the Sunset. Businesses will need to update to 4G or 5G compatible devices if they currently use IoT devices that rely on 3G connectivity. Particularly for smaller businesses or those with a high number of devices, this can be a major budget expense.

The solution for businesses whilst 3G sunsets, presents challenges. However, it also creates opportunities for businesses to improve their technologies and gain a competitive and future-proofing advantage. Upgrading to 4G or 5G network compatible modems or routers, will provide businesses with faster and more reliable internet connectivity. This can lead to improved productivity, enhanced communication, and the ability to leverage new technologies that require high-speed connectivity.

For Low Power usage, NB-IoT and CAT-M technology would be the preferred choice to compliment devices that transmit a small amount of data on an infrequent basis, meaning power savings can be very noticeable.
At Siretta we can help solve your business challenges by understanding your needs and advising you the best IoT connectivity solution from LPWAN, LTE and 5G NR technologies.


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