The Echo 26A is GPS antenna with a built in Low Noise Amplifier (LNA) for embedded applications.

This antenna produces an impressive peak gain of 27dB from the LNA, developing a strong signal that influences the speed of acquiring satellites.. Common applications include: vehicle/fleet/asset tracking, mobile applications and general position services.

Cable length and connector variations possible for small volume orders.

Low voltage low current consumption
LNA gain of 27dB
Centre frequency of 1575.42MHz



Echo 26A Datasheet

Antenna 2D Radiation Plot Guide

Antenna 2D Radiation Plot Guide

Antenna Technical Parameter Guide

Siretta Antennas 101 eBook

Ordering Information

Siretta Part Number: ECHO26A/0.1M/IPEX/S/S/15
Description: GPS Ceramic Patch Antenna, 100mm Cable, IPEX Connector

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Alternative cable lengths and connector types can be specified for small volume orders