The Oscar 3A is a low cost 2G (GSM) enamel coated aluminium yagi antenna. It has 9 elements and achieves a gain of 11dBi. The Oscar 3A is fitted with an FME Male connector. Once mated with a suitable length cable assembly the joint should be sealed to prevent water ingress.

A universal clamp is supplied for use on standard antenna poles.

• Quad Band GSM Yagi
• 9 element
• 11dBi gain



Oscar 3A Datasheet

Handheld Antenna Test

Oscar 3A Snyper Graphyte Test

Ordering Information

Siretta Part Number: OSCAR3A/X/FMEM/S/S/19
Description: GSM/GPRS Yagi Antenna

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Alternative cable lengths and connector types can be specified for volume orders