The Delta 22B is a dedicated 915MHz ISM band antenna which combines good performance with a small size, enabling its use with devices from the Industrial, Scientific or Medical equipment. In addition, the antennas can be used for mobile communications on board vessels.

Terminated with an SMA male connector, it is ideally suited to applications requiring a simple, cable free set up. The knuckle design allows the antenna to be positioned to take best advantage of the incoming signal. Allowing straight, 45° and 90° positions along with 360° rotation. The omni directional, radiating element is capped with a black high-grade rubber mould.

• Dedicated ISM Antenna
• ISM Band: 915MHz
• Small Antenna size with 3dBi Gain



Delta 22B Datasheet

Ordering Information

Siretta Part Number: DELTA22B/X/SMAM/S/S/20
Description: 915MHz ISM Band Direct Connect Antenna, SMA Male

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