With a plethora of IoT devices on the market from all over the world it’s no wonder that some lack credible connection reliability. Cost reduction exercises for devices can mean that component costs are under scrutiny and antenna performance can be limited by low quality products selected by purchasing departments as ‘equivalent’ replacements.

Improve the performance of your product by selecting an alternative and better performing antenna.

At Siretta we have simplified this with our in house cellular tester the ‘Snyper Graphyte’. The DELTA range of direct connect antennas for 2G/3G and 4G have been tested in the same location to show real world signal quality. Head to the download tab on the product page to see the results.

Our pick for best performing small antenna is the Delta 26, a very capable antenna for both Cellular and WiFi use. See it here.

Figure below: Delta 26 tested on the 2G and 3G network.

A good way to improve performance of the antenna is to remove it from the device and place it on a magnetic base. The cable allows the antenna to be raised up away from the device and possible electronic interference, improving the signal quality. A 500mm elevation could make all the difference, take a look at our magnetic bases for cellular, ISM, WiFi and Bluetooth antennas.

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